Top 4 Best Water Filter Pitchers of 2018

A lot of people feel that tap water is perfectly safe to drink, but you may be surprised to learn about how many contaminants make it into the water that comes out of your tap.

There could be heavy metals like lead and mercury, there could be pharmaceuticals, and there are even things that are added to water for “public safety” that you may not want to be drinking, things like chlorine and fluoride.

The solution for a lot of people is to buy bottled water. Of course there are a number of problems with buying bottled water.

A lot of bottled water is not filtered or purified in any way, it is simply bottled tap water. Even if the bottled water you’re buying is high-quality, it’s expensive and buying bottled water contributes to a lot of pollution.

Millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills every year.

One solution is to filter your own water at home. You could get a whole house filter, or a reverse osmosis system that goes under your sink, but these systems are very expensive.

To get the best water you can possibly get, at a price you can afford, we would recommend going with a water filter pitcher.

Of course, not all water filter pictures are created equal. They come at a number of different price points and some models filter out a lot more contaminants than others.

On this page, we’re going to take a quick look at four of the best options that are currently available and we will even include a buyers guide to help you know what to look for when you’re shopping for a water pitcher filter.


1 Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

In our opinion, the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher is the best water filter pitcher you can get.

It features a proprietary, multi-patented blend of filter media to eliminate harmful contaminants that many other filters leave behind.

The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher will remove 99.99% of chemicals and pollutants like chlorine, benzene, carbon tetrachloride and many others, including pesticides and herbicides.

It will also remove 90 to 99% of heavy metals like aluminum, arsenic, lead, mercury, and many others.

In addition to removing more harmful contaminants than many other filters on the market, the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher also raises the pH of water, helping to change it from acidic to alkaline.

When the human body has a low pH, meaning it is acidic, it loses its ability to absorb vital minerals and nutrients. This water filter helps your body neutralize acidity and maintain a proper pH balance.

The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher will filter up to 100 gallons of water before the filter media needs to be replaced.

This will help keep more than 750 plastic bottles from going into landfills.

When researching any product, we usually like to look through as many customer reviews as we can find to see what other people like or don’t like about a particular product.

For this water pitcher filter, there just aren’t very many customer reviews available yet. However, according to our research the Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher is one of the best water filter pitchers money can buy and we would give it a very strong recommendation.

See price on Epic Thrive’s website.


2 Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W 8-Cup Pitcher Powered Water Filtration System

The Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W 8-Cup Pitcher Powered Water Filtration System filters out up to 10 times more contaminants than some of the leading pitcher filters available.

It will remove up to 96% of chlorine and chloramines, 99% of cysts, 96% of mercury, 99% of lead, 91% of MTBE, 99% of turbidity, 95% of volatile organic compounds, and 99% of asbestos.

The Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W 8-Cup Pitcher Powered Water Filtration System also has a very unique feature not found another pitcher filters.

It is a powered filtration device. What that means is that you don’t have to wait for the water to slowly drip through the filter media.

The water is forced through the filter media so that the unfiltered water you put in, will be filtered and ready to drink in just a few seconds.

The filter media that the Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System uses is also longer-lasting than many other filters on the market.

The filters are rated for up to 320 gallons, so you won’t have to change the filters very often and you’ll be saving money.

The customer reviews for the Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W 8-Cup Pitcher Powered Water Filtration System are mostly positive.

Many people are saying that it features a sleek design, is easy to refill, easy to clean, filters water quickly and works exactly as advertised.

The filters last for a long time and when it is time to change them, replacing the filter can be done quickly and easily.

Some customers had complaints about water leaking from this filter. For some people it was a major issue.

A lot of other customers said that they’ve been using this particular filter for a year or more and have never experienced any issues with leakage.

However, the leaking issue came up enough in customer reviews that it is something we need to pay attention to.

One customer offered a fairly easy solution for fixing leaks if you should happen to have them.

There is a large, black rubber O-ring that can be removed and then lubricated with some foodgrade silicone grease.

After doing this and putting the O-ring back, there won’t be any leakage.

Of course we would also like to point out that even though some customers had problems with leakage, the vast majority of customers are saying that there Aquasana AQ-PWFS-P-W 8-Cup Pitcher Powered Water Filtration System works exactly as advertised and that they are very happy with their purchase.

Some customers even say that after purchasing this filtration system, they are drinking more water than they ever had before.

Most customers love this water filter and said that they would recommend it to their friends.

See price on Amazon.


3 Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher removes over 89 different pollutants and they claim to be able to remove 2000% more contaminants than the leading competitor.

This filter meets and exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53 and has been independently tested and shown to remove 90.06% of fluoride, 99.9% of chlorine, 99.9 percent of chloramine, 99.4% of chromium 6, 99.9% of lead, 97.8% of mercury, 99.8% of arsenic, 99.7% of copper as well as effective removal of over 50 volatile organic compounds.

In March of 2016 the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher was taken to Flint Michigan and tested on local tap water.

The lead levels of the tap water were four times the EPA limit, but after being run through the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher, lead was undetectable.

The Aquagear filter is made in the USA and is made with premium, food grade materials. The plastic is 100% recyclable and 100% BPA free.

Through a partnership with Thirst Relief International, Aquagear donates 6 months of clean water to someone in need in the developing world for every pitcher or replacement filter sold.

When you purchase a filter, you are helping water relief programs in places like Uganda, Cameroon, and Tanzania.

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is getting very strong reviews from customers online.

At the time of this writing, we were able to find well over 500 customer reviews online and this water filter received an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Many customers are saying that the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is well-designed and removes many more contaminants than a lot of other pitcher filters on the market.

A lot of people are also saying that you can actually taste the difference when compared with tap water, or even bottled water from the grocery store.

There was a drawback that several customers pointed out. People are saying that it takes a very long time for water to pass through the filter media. One customer says that when you first use the filter it’s pretty slow, but after a few days of moderate use it gets considerably slower.

After a month of use, he says that it takes around three hours for water to filter through. Despite this drawback, this customer is still a big fan of the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher.

He says that the water tastes great and he actually bought two of these filters.

Most of the reviews are very positive reviews from satisfied customers and a lot of people are even saying that the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is the best option that exists for a pitcher filter system.

See price on Amazon.


4 pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer

The pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer is a multistage filter that uses several different filter media including particle catching micro-nets, coconut activated carbon, KDF, as well as stone and ceramic elements.

It effectively removes many organic and inorganic pollutants including things like Giardia and Cryptosporidium, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic, and it even inhibits bacterial growth.

This filter also raises the pH of the water you put into it. It is believed that many health problems are due to the human body being an acidic environment.

By raising the pH of the water, you make it less acidic and more alkaline which supposedly helps reduce inflammation, increases metabolism, and even helps with mental clarity.

The pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer is getting great reviews from customers online. We were able to find over 1500 reviews and it received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Several customers said that they had been using Brita filters for years, but had been unsatisfied with the taste and quality of their water.

The pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer filters out a lot more contaminants and people are saying that the water is not only healthier, but that it also tastes better.

Of course one of the selling points of this particular water pitcher is that it also ionizes the water to reduce acidity and make it more alkaline.

A lot of people believe that drinking alkaline water can help reduce acidity in the human body and this will lead to a lot of health benefits.

There is some controversy about whether alkaline water is beneficial, but even if you don’t believe in the benefits of alkaline water, the fact that this filter uses ceramic and stone balls to add minerals back into the water is a benefit.

If you drink distilled water, or if you have a high-end reverse osmosis filter, the water you’re drinking does not have minerals that your body needs.

The pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer replaces a lot of those minerals.

The pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher Ionizer is available at an affordable price point and the replacement filters are inexpensive as well.

That, coupled with countless positive reviews from happy customers makes it easy for us to give this filter a high recommendation.

See price on Amazon.


A Water Pitcher Filter Buyers Guide

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably convinced that purchasing a water pitcher filter would be a good idea.

But which one should you go with?

The four that we’ve looked at so far on this page will all be excellent choices. However, if you’re still unsure, we are going to share with you some tips about what to look for when you’re shopping for the best water pitcher filter.

The first thing you may want to look at is the filter’s capacity. Some filters may only hold a few pints of water and others may hold 2 gallons or more.

The size of the pitcher you will need depends on how much water you drink and how many people are in your household.

You don’t want to go to the refrigerator for a cool refreshing drink only to find out that the pitcher is empty or only has a few drops left.

So make sure you look for a pitcher that is big enough to accommodate your needs.

The next thing to look at is the type of filter media used and the types of contaminants that your filter will remove. Some water filter pitchers use nothing more than an activated carbon filter.

These filters are great at removing organic contaminants so you won’t have to worry about microorganisms that can make you sick.

Organic chemicals are often responsible for certain problems with taste, odor, and color when it comes to drinking water, so an activated carbon filter will help there as well.

Activated carbon filters will also remove some harmful chemicals that can be found in pesticides and industrial solvents.

Activated carbon will not remove things like heavy metals, fluoride, viruses, and a number of other contaminants.

Because of that, activated carbon should not be the only filtration method of your water pitcher filter. It should be one part of a multistage filtration process.

In addition to activated carbon, some filters use ceramics, cellulose fiber, and a number of other media aimed at removing specific types of contaminants.

Manufacturers will usually list all of the different types of contaminants that their filter can remove or reduce.

They will also list what percentage of each contaminants they are able to eliminate. It’s important to look at this information to see which make or model will remove the highest percentage of the most harmful contaminants.

Those are the most important things to look at, but there are a few other things you may want to consider.

For example, some water filters have a filter change indicator built-in, telling you when it is time to replace the filter. Of course you could also change your filter by just following the manufacturer’s guidelines and marking a date on your calendar.

Another way to tell when it’s time to change your filter is when it starts taking a lot longer for water to work its way through all of the different filter media.

Of course cost is also a very important consideration. But don’t make your decision based on the upfront cost alone.

Consider the ongoing cost to replace the filters. Some replacement filters may be more expensive than others, and some will last longer than others.

Figure out what the annual cost of owning a particular model will be, and consider that cost along with the other things mentioned above, like the types and amounts of contaminants that the filter can remove.

And last but not least, we would always recommend researching customer reviews before buying a particular water filter.

Some choices may look great on paper, but it’s very valuable to get feedback from people who have purchased and used the filters you are considering.

Learn what they like or don’t like about a particular model. Learn whether a particular water filter works great for the first few months and then develops problems over time.

Getting feedback from previous customers will help you make an informed decision so you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

Our Top Pick

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher
Our Top Pick

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher
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