The Best Night Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding

Everyone grinds their teeth now and then.

But if your teeth grinding is constant or severe, it can have a negative impact on both your dental health and your quality of life.

The medical name for teeth grinding is Bruxism.

People with this condition grind, gnash or clench their teeth, often unconsciously. Some grind their teeth when they’re awake, but sleep bruxism is much more common.

Frequent teeth grinding can cause many negative side effects, like tooth damage.

Bruxism sufferers often have loose or chipped teeth, and frequently experience tooth pain. And as their tooth enamel is worn away, their teeth can become extra sensitive.

Severe teeth grinding can wear your teeth down to stumps. And some long-time teeth grinders even end up losing teeth due to bruxism.

Other side effects of teeth grinding include frequent headaches, and face, neck, ear or jaw pain.

And if you have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), teeth grinding can worsen your symptoms

Another possible side effect is paying thousands of dollars for painful dental surgery to correct the damage teeth grinding can cause.

Most dental professionals recommend night mouth guards for teeth grinding.

These mouth guards keep your teeth separated, so you can’t grind, clench or gnash them. This will prevent tooth damage, and alleviate symptoms like headaches and jaw pain.

But getting a night mouth guard from a dentist can cost you anywhere from $400 to $800, sometimes more.

And your insurance might not cover the expense.

Luckily there are affordable alternatives. You can get professional-quality, custom-fitted night mouth guards for a fraction of what you’d pay a dentist.

Here are our picks for the best night mouth guards for teeth grinding on the market.

Not only are these mouth guards affordable, they’re also effective.

1 The Pro Teeth Night Guard is one of the most popular teeth guard companies you can find online.

Their custom dental night guards are made by a professional dental lab. That means they are of the same quality as what you would get from a dentist, but at a fraction of the price.

There’s a reason these teeth grinding mouth guards are of the same quality as the ones you’d get from a dentist.

It’s because gets their dental night guards from the same source as dentists do.

In fact, for more than 10 years, the dental lab that operates has supplied many dentists with the night guards and other dental appliances (like crowns, dentures and bridges) that they sell to their patients. is operated by a professional dental lab based in southern California.

This family-owned business is overseen by a dental lab technician with more than 20 years of experience in the dental industry.

And at this dental lab, they will use the same processes and materials to make your night mouth guard that they use to make dental appliances for dentists.

The night guard you get from will be custom made to provide a perfect, comfortable fit. And placing your order is a simple process.

To kick things off, you can place your order by phone, or by going to the website.

Soon after that, you’ll receive the easy-to-use at-home kit that you’ll use to take a perfect impression of your teeth.

The detailed, photo-illustrated instructions that are included are simple and easy to follow. And there’s a helpful video tutorial that will further demonstrate the impression taking process.

Use the plastic trays and impression putty included in the kit to make the impression of your teeth.

You’ll get enough putty to make two sets of teeth impressions, just in case there’s a mishap on your first attempt and you have to try again.

The impression taking process is fast and easy.

In fact, you can be done in just 15 minutes.

Along with the at-home dental impression kit, you’ll also receive a pre-paid and pre-addressed return envelope.

Just place the impression of your teeth in the envelope and send it back to the dental lab.

Your teeth grinding mouth guard will be constructed within 6 to 10 business days of your teeth impression being delivered to the dental lab.

Experienced dental technicians will use that impression to make an exact plaster mold replica of your teeth. This ensures that your Pro Teeth Night Guard will fit you perfectly.

After your dental night guard is made, the dental lab manager will inspect it. And, if necessary, fine adjustments will be made to ensure a perfect fit.

Finally, your custom-fitted Pro Teeth Night Guard will be shipped to you. offers different night guards depending on the severity of your teeth grinding.

The Hard Night Guard, their most durable model, is for heavy teeth grinding.

It’s made of a 3 millimeter layer of an elasticized, acrylic material that’s extremely durable, so this mouth guard can take a lot of wear and tear. Still, the Hard Night Guard is designed to fit comfortably.

Just place it in warm water and the special thermo-plastic material will soften right up.

The Hybrid Night Guard, the most popular model, is for moderate teeth grinding.

It’s 3 millimeters thick and has two layers. A hard acrylic outer layer makes the mouth guard durable. But the soft, vinyl inner layer makes it comfortable to wear.

The Soft Night Guard is for light teeth grinding or teeth clenching. It’s made from a 2 millimeter layer of a rubbery material that’s both soft and flexible.

This vinyl material acts as a cushiony barrier between your teeth.

Finally, the Ultra Thin Guard is for daytime teeth grinding.

It’s made of a 1 millimeter layer of very thin acrylic. It isn’t durable enough for most night time teeth grinding. But it’s perfect to wear during the day, when you want a mouth guard that’s less noticeable.

Pro Teeth Night Guards are made professional-grade materials that have been approved by the FDA.

So these dental night guards are safe, comfortable and durable. offers free shipping to the US and Canada. In fact, you never have to pay shipping during any part of the buying process.

There’s also a 60-day, 110% Money Back Guarantee.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the fit and comfort of your night mouth guard, return it and you’ll get your money back plus an additional 10% more on top of what you paid. offers a warranty against breakage on all of their night guards.

The Hard Night Guard, Hybrid Night Guard and Soft Night Guard are all covered by a 1-year warranty, while the Ultra-Thin Guard is covered by a 6-month warranty.

If wear and tear during use causes your mouth guard to break or crack within the warranty period, just return it and you’ll get a replacement free of charge.

Customers have great things to say about the night mouth guards for teeth grinding that they get from

One customer said he was pleasantly surprised to get such a high quality night guard for such an inexpensive price.

He was also impressed by the responsiveness of the customer service team at

According to another customer, his night guard fit perfectly and was very comfortable to wear. And when he showed his Pro Teeth Night Guard to his dentist, the dentist was also impressed by how well it fit.

Another happy customer raved about how easy it was to make the impression of her teeth.

She also said ordering a dental night guard from was a wonderful experience.

Visit their website.


2 is a division of Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Labs. And they are a popular supplier of custom-fit dental guards.

When you order from, their specialists will construct a mouth guard specifically designed to fit your mouth.

That means your night guard will be both comfortable and effective.

All of the night guards you get from are BPA and latex free. And they are made in the USA using the safest and most high quality materials available.

When you place your order at, your initial teeth impression kit will be mailed out to you within 24 hours.

This kit includes one set of blue and white impression putty, and two plastic trays (one large and one small).  You’ll also receive detailed instructions on how to take your own teeth impression.

After you’ve made your teeth impression, just send it to

US customers get a pre-paid and pre-addressed mailer they can use to send in their impression.

Experienced dental specialists will use your teeth impression to make a custom night mouth guard for teeth grinding that fits you perfectly.

And most customers will receive their custom-fit night guards within 10 days of their teeth impression arriving at the dental lab.

At, you can choose your night guard based on the severity of your teeth grinding.

The Soft Flexible Custom Night Guard is designed for light to moderate teeth grinding and clenching. It is 3 millimeters thick, and made of a soft, flexible, rubbery plastic.

The Extra Durable Pro Form Medium Density Custom Night Guard is for moderate to heavy teeth grinding and clenching. It is also the most popular night guard at

This teeth guard is 3 millimeters thick, and offers maximum comfort and durability.

It is made of a strong, laminate material that is abrasion-resistant and can stand up to heavier teeth grinding and clenching.

The Hybrid Dual Laminate Custom Night Guard is for moderate to heavy teeth grinding and clenching.

It’s 3 millimeters thick, and is composed of two layers. The outer shell is made of a hard acrylic that’s both durable and strong. And the soft liner on the inside of the teeth guard makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

The Ultra Thin Hard Acrylic Day/Night Guard is a daytime teeth guard that can also be worn at night as you sleep.

Made of a hard acrylic rigid plastic, this model is 1 millimeter thick. While it is the thinnest teeth guard offered by, it is still a good choice for even severe bruxism sufferers.

And when placing your order, you can have them double the thickness of this model, so it will be even more durable as a night mouth guard.

The Hard Acrylic Night Guard is 2 millimeters thick, and is a good choice for the most severe teeth grinding cases. It is made of a hard, acrylic rigid plastic that makes this appliance extremely durable.

A teeth night guard acts as a cushion between your teeth to prevent grinding. And you can wear a mouth guard on your bottom teeth or your top teeth.

When you place your order at, you can choose either an upper night guard or a lower night guard, based on which type would be most comfortable for you.

The teeth grinding mouth guards at are some of the most affordable night mouth guards for teeth grinding around.

And on top of their already low price, they are also offering a discount.

If, after your initial purchase, you want to buy another mouth guard from, just place another order within three months of your initial purchase.

You’ll get up to a 40% discount on any duplicate night guards you buy. And you’ll receive your new, backup teeth guard within about 5 to 10.

Since your teeth impression will already be on file, they can immediately get to work on constructing your new mouth guard. offers a 100%, 30-day Money Back Guarantee. First, if you’re not satisfied with your teeth grinding mouth guard they will work with you to readjust or re-fabricate it until it fits you comfortably.

But if you’re still not satisfied, you will get a full refund.

When you order from, shipping is free. And along with your custom-fit night guard, you will also get a handy carrying case.

Customers have great things to say about

One buyer raved about their customer service, as well as the quality of the teeth guard she got from them. She says this teeth guard is the same quality as the one she got from the dentist.

But, of course, the mouth guard from didn’t cost her nearly as much.

Another user said his night guard was extremely comfortable, especially compared to the over-the-counter night guard he’d bought from the drug store.

Those night guards can seem like a cheap convenient solution. But the one this customer bought was so uncomfortable he couldn’t use it.

One customer said she put off buying a night guard for months because getting one from a dentist would’ve been so expensive.

The great reviews has gotten made her decide to place an order with them, and she is extremely pleased with her purchase.

She said it was easy to make her teeth impression, and her night guard fits perfectly.

According to another user, delivery of both the impression-taking kit and his night guard were extremely fast. And he’s so satisfied with his night guard that, from now on, he intends to buy all of his custom night mouth guards for teeth grinding from


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