Best Pool Ladder and Steps Of 2018

Whether you have an above ground pool or an in ground pool, you need an easy way to get in and out. This is where the pool ladder comes in. If you have an in ground pool, the pool ladders are usually installed when the pool is being built and you may just select one of the ladders that the company installing your pool recommends.

With an above ground pool, you have a few more options when it comes to finding the best pool ladder for your needs and we’re going to give you some pool ladder reviews and a few tips on what to look for when you are shopping for one.

Top Rated Pool Ladder Reviews


We review a lot of products on this site and it is rare to find a product with all 5 star reviews. This product is one of them. Confer pool ladders are by far the most popular we found.

The product is made from very strong chemical resistant resin that can hold up to 400 pounds. The steps are curved and can be set inwards or backwards.

People love this pool ladder and say that it is very easy to install with it’s over sized deck mounting brackets and the fact that the material snaps together without the need for any tools.

One guy said that he has a friend that weighs 450 pounds and this ladder holds his weight with ease. If you are looking for a good looking, easy to install and very sturdy pool ladder then this one will be your best bet.


If your pool does not have a deck around it then you need to look at an A frame ladder such as this one from Confer. Like we mentioned above, Confer makes the best, safest and most sturdy pool ladders by far. This one is no different.

The ladder can adjust to fit pools from 46 inch to 56 inch tall. The steps are large 18×5 inch non slip and the maximum weight limit for this ladder is 300 pounds.

What’s also nice about this ladder is that it has a lockable roll guard barrier which rolls over the outer steps when not in use. The lock is included. This way you have piece of mind when small children are around.

For the price you won’t find a better A frame pool ladder than this one. It’s sturdy easy to install and have tons of 5 star reviews.


If you are looking to spend less than 200 bucks for a basic ladder that works well then this is the one. It has 300 pound weight capacity and the step sizes gradually decrease as you climb to the top to give a real staircase feel.

The reviews for this ladder are mostly great. The majority of people love it and say that it is easy to install and very sturdy. All of the complaints came from people who said that the ladder floats away at the bottom.. They say that there is no way to weight the ladder down.

One reviewer said that he poured concrete mix down the 3 openings at the bottom of the ladder. Waited 24 hours for it to set and then installed the ladder according to directions. Worked like a charm.

This is definitely the best ladder if you are on a budget.


What to Look For When Buying a Pool Ladder

Above Ground Pools with a Pool Deck

If you have an above ground pool with a pool deck, the type of ladders you can get will be very similar to the type of ladders used in in-ground pools. They will usually have two handrails going up from the deck and then curving down and descending into the pool. These ladders will also have 3 to 5 steps for people to lower themselves in to the water.


Above Ground Pools without a Pool Deck

If you have an above ground pool that does not have a pool deck, you’re probably going to look for a ladder with an A frame design. This type of ladder allows you to climb up from the ground, over the edge of the pool, and then down into the water. If you read our pool ladder reviews above then you would find our top pick A frame ladder listed as number 2.


Take Measurements for the Height of Your Ladder

If you have an above ground pool, it’s important to know how high you need your ladder to be. With a measuring tape, take a measurement from the ground, to the top edge of your pool and make sure that you buy a ladder with enough clearance. Many pool ladders are adjustable from 48 inches to 56 inches, but you can also get some that will go up to 58 inches or even 60 inches.


Materials That Pool Ladders Are Made of

Many pool ladders are made from either aluminum or stainless steel. These are durable and corrosion resistant, but they do get very hot when they are in direct sunlight. Pool ladders can also be made of high-impact vinyl resins or nonmetallic, composite materials.

These options do not get as hot, but they are also very durable and corrosion resistant. Our top pick from the 3 best pool ladder reviews above is made from this special resin.


Weight Capacity

If you, or someone who will be using your pool, is a larger person, it’s important that the ladder you choose be able to handle the weight it will be subjected to. Many pool ladders have a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Some ladders have a higher capacity of 400 pounds.

The weight capacity of most ladders will be plenty for the majority of people, but it is certainly something to make a note of before you make a purchase.


Safety Features

It may be a good idea to look for pool ladders that have certain safety features. Some ladders have anti skid rungs to help prevent slipping. Some ladders are also constructed in a way that prevents anyone from swimming behind the ladder.

These ladders use an anti-entrapment barrier to block anyone from going behind the latter. This is an important safety feature because it will prevent a child from trying to swing behind the ladder, getting stuck and drowning.


A Pool Ladder or a Pool Staircase?

In addition to pool ladders, pool staircases are a popular choice. A set of stairs has wider treads making it easier and safer to climb in and out of the pool. A set of stairs can also provide a nice place to sit for someone who wants to be in the water but doesn’t necessarily want to swim.


Do Some Comparison Shopping

It’s always a good idea to do some comparison shopping before making a purchase. Taking some time to do a little research will let you find the best pool ladder at the best price. You don’t want to make your decision based on price alone, but with all other things being equal, it makes sense to choose the less expensive model.

When you do your comparison shopping online you also have access to hundreds of pool ladder reviews from customers who have purchased the different pool ladders available.

If you can find a pool ladder that is made from durable, corrosion resistant materials, has a good weight capacity, safety features, and is the right height for your pool, and if you can find a ladder that is getting great reviews from customers, then you can be confident that you’re purchasing the best pool ladder for your specific needs.

Our Top Pick

Confer CCXAG 4 Step Pool Ladder

Confer CCXAG 4 Step Pool Ladder
Our Top Pick

Confer CCXAG 4 Step Pool Ladder

Confer CCXAG 4 Step Pool Ladder
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